Parade Information & Rules

♦  The Platteville Dairy Days parade is run as a fun, entertaining and family-oriented event. It is not meant as a forum for individuals and groups wishing to make political statements. As such, the Dairy Days committee reserves the right to refuse entry into the parade any unit which it deems objectionable because of any type of non-family graphic or vocal representation.

♦  Units having live animals walking on the street are encouraged, but for the convenience of marching bands in competition, those animals will be placed in the parade after the last band.

♦  All horses in the parade must have negative coggins papers.

♦  Any person driving a tractor through the parade must at least be in high school and have completed a tractor safety course or hold a valid driver’s license.

♦  Competition is important for high school bands and, as such, no interference in their performance is allowed by other units.

♦  No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed in the parade.

Throwing of candy or other objects from parade units to bystanders is strictly forbidden for safety reasons. Persons may walk alongside the curb and hand out items but do so at their own risk. Any parade unit disobeying this safety rule will be asked to stop and/or be pulled from the parade.

♦ We will try to accommodate requests for specific placement in the parade, according to parade entry date. There is NO GUARANTEE that your request will be honored.

♦  We ask that each unit include a description, background information or announcement for your organization with your entry form. The information will be read by the announcer, if time allows, during the parade. There is no guarantee each unit’s information will be read.

Submission of a parade entry form indicates that I agree to the following Parade Release Agreement.

I have read, understand ALL rules and regulations governing the Platteville Dairy Days Parade. I understand that the parade committee and/or sponsors will not be held responsible for any injuries, accidents, or damages resulting from any unit’s participation in the Platteville Dairy Days Parade. In addition, I hereby authorize the parade committee or their designee to use, reproduce and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to me including my image, likeness and or voice without compensation. I understand that this material may be used in various publications, public affairs releases, recruitment materials or other related endeavors. I agree all rules are binding and all participants in our organization will be advised.

Judging in each category (except bands) is based on the following:
Use of Dairy Days Theme10 points
Appearance & Quality30 points
Interest/Educational30 points
Originality30 points

Ribbons and cash prizes will be awarded in each category.

First Place $75.00

Second Place $50.00

Third Place $25.00